An Awakening…A New Day?

November 6, 2007

When did I first become interested in environmental health issues?  Was it during the 1960s when the Cayuga River couldn’t handle any more pollutants, and started on fire?  Was it during the 1970s Nestle boycott?  Maybe it was during the tragic buyout of Love Canal or of a half-dozen similar relocation stories.  No.  I learned about most of those infamous stories later.

Could it have been all of the well-meaning environmental Acts (Laws) of the 70s (that have since been flushed down the toilet)….which were created because of environmental destruction and its accompanying health problems?  I hate to say it, but I don’t think that really flipped my switch.  It’s amazing that I missed most of those things.  Even Silent Spring  has been a relatively new read for me.  I guess some perspective might explain this.

My own awakening occurred fairly recently.  I think my first inkling, though, was when Vietnam Vets returned with Agent Orange-related ailments.  Most of my focus, however, was on the war’s devastating toll,  its accompanying social turmoil, the civil rights violence and the birth of a huge counterculture that stemmed from prevailing hypocrisy and injustice.

It was wild.  People were getting shot here and abroad.  They were getting battoned and hosed down with water cannons, chased by dogs and imprisoned.  Some set draft cards–and themselves–on fire.  TV was still fairly new and unsanitized, and news was relatively uncensored–very different from now.  Their was a lot on our plate.

For my generation, being a young person was often shocking.  Many college kids embraced opportunities for activism.  Others, who felt helpless, (sort of like today’s “reality groupies”) tuned out, turned on and dropped out.  I was one.

Fast forward about three decades.  Because of my interest in writing and alternative health topics, I was given an opportunity to write a variety of articles concerning social themes and health topics with a prevention slant.  I soon learned that our health really is inseparable from our environment.

For a very long time, our corporatized-government had us believing that most things were biodegradable in an endless “mixing zone.”  A “Don’t worry. Be happy” PR strategy, which has been nothing short of brilliant, was put forth by high-functioning savant-like individuals with true tunnel vision.

I marvel, these days, at the similarities.  Now monumental health issues are looming on our horizon.  Many are both a direct and indirect result of our ubiquitous exposure to the chemicals and other substances allowed into our world and our bodies. We’ve been lulled into complacency by a corrupt and bogus trio:  a regulatory establishment that dances to whatever tune is played by our so-called political servants; who are in turn coddled and nourished by corporations with their mountains of money and legions of institutions, associations, foundations and powerful trade groups that function to discredit opposition, and are definitely not there to represent consumers or workers. 

This nexus of power is indeed squeezing the very life force out of us–not to mention the wanton and diabolical planetary destruction.  I call it the Great Unraveling.  And this needs to stop.  And this  will be the focus of my blog.


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